Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Rowdy Monday

The Seahawks are playing New Orleans this evening and, turns out, 6 am on a Monday is not too early to start the tailgate party.  I shit you not.  The party got appropriately loud for the morning news shows but has now gone a bit quiet.  Napping?  It's going to be a long and loud day with massive traffic issues around here.  Happily, I have no where I need to go.

I went already.  To swim.  And it was great. I got my Christmas card gifts all ready and gave out the first two this morning.  Both lifeguards thanked me profusely and that was before they even opened them!  I was a little tentative about the project,  but no more.

After I was showered and dressed and in the car nearly driving away, a big Parks and Rec truck pulled up along side and motioned me to stay put - like they wanted to speak to me. So I turned off the engine and they pulled up in front and got of their truck and started towards me with my wallet in their hands!  I did not even know I had lost it!

I figured out later that it had fallen out of my pocket, onto the sidewalk when I went in to swim.  They found it.  This is not trivial. It was dark and that sidewalk is full of teenagers going to the school in the next block.  But these two workers found it and then found me - an hour later and I'm not even sure how.  But the guy said as he was handing it back 'that is way too much cash to carry around, young lady!'  cracked me up.  (For the record, it was about $75.00.)  I thanked them profusely.  They asked 'do you do computers?' and I said yes and they turned around to show me the Parks and Recreation logo on their safety vest and said 'spread the word about Don and Carla on the computer, ok?'  I gave them each a $20 and promised I'm mention them.  (And I did. I found Parks and Recreation on Twitter, and tweeted a shout out to Don and Carla.)

$40 and a tweet is a small price to pay for saving me from the stress and aggravation of losing my wallet.  Plus no telling when I might have discovered the loss.  Thank you Don and Carla!!

The problem is that I hate to bother with a purse but the pockets on the robe I wear for early mornings swims are just too shallow.  I think that's today's project - make those pockets way deeper.  I think that's probably worth dragging the sewing machine out for.

Also it's laundry Monday.   
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