Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My Black Friday Score

Swimming this morning was so delicious.  As I was gliding back and forth I was thinking how much better it felt to be moving and breathing effortlessly and moving.

Three years ago, when last they checked, I had about 1/2 the lung function of a person my age and size.  I'm guessing I have less now.  I can do less and less.  I run out of breath at the least little exertion. Sometimes just sitting and doing nothing, I'll start coughing - the dry hack like if you just got hit with a lot of dust - and can't stop.  And it's all getting I know it and feel it all the time...

Until I get into the pool. I can swim hard and fast or slow and easy and nonstop for an hour - probably even more.  It makes me feel whole and good.  I'm so lucky to have swimming.

Today, after two days out, it really felt good.  Plus, I had decided last Wednesday that my goggles had served their time.  Today I went for the never-used-before backups and OMG!!  It's as dramatic as cataract surgery!!  It was nearly distracting to see underwater so well.

The old ones were 3 months old.  Plus, I didn't do anything to protect them.  The ones I like (Aqua Sphere Kayenne's) come in their own hard plastic case.  So I'm going to start keeping them in the case between swims.  But, also, if it comes to it, I'm ok with buying a new pair 4 times a year.

Today, I found a black Friday deal that between the discount, no tax and free shipping, gave me 4 pair for the price of 3.  I'm totally fine with that!!

I had a great breakfast at Denny's and stopped to pick up some English muffins and now I'm home and all is great.
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