Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Waiting vs. Anticipation

I really don't like not enjoying the now.  Wasting the now in favor of looking towards the future is, for me, what my Mom used to call, a real bugaboo.  I'm fine with anticipation.  I'm so looking forward to going to CES with my brother in January.  But anticipation enables me to look forward and also enjoy the now.  I love the planning. I love reading about CES and thinking about what we wills see and researching Las Vegas treats.  Planning and thinking and anticipating.  This is ok.

Waiting for stuff to be over - not good.  I realized last night that for some reason I am just waiting for this holiday to be over. It feels like I've wasted days. I hate that.  Maybe it's the not being able to swim.  I don't know but I don't like it so I declare the holiday over.  Today is a regular Saturday.  Tomorrow is a regular Sunday. I decree it.  No more waiting/wasting.

I have about an hour before it's time to leave for the pool.  After swimming, I think maybe I'll find some breakfast and then maybe a grocery stop.  That's the plan.  I don't really have any other things on my list of stuff outside the house.

I think when I get home, I'll tackle the Amazon gift cards for the lifeguards - I need to write notes and get them ready to hand out. I'll start that on Monday. And I need to get a card for Chef Anita.  She's here on Tuesday.

Tomorrow I can apply for Medicare.  Now, there's a life milestone for you.  It kicks in the month you turn 65 which, for me, is March. Even though my birthday isn't until the end of the month, I don't have to wait. March 1 is my date. You can apply 3 months before.  Which, for me is December 1 - tomorrow.  Once the application is done, the next step is to sign up for an Advantage plan. I have 3 to pick from.  The guy at my doctor's clinic gave me 3 fat packs which I haven't looked at.  They are all the same price for me ($0 - medicare cost - I think $150 a month but the extra insurance doesn't) but I have to pick the one of my choice so I have studying to do.  I'll be glad to get it all settled.  And not incur any medical expenses in February.  My current insurance ends at the end of January.  I have Medicade in February but I'm leery about what it covers so my plan is to just not buy anything medical that month!

Time now to suit up and get going!
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