Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

No thank you!

This morning in our conversation, we were talking about future technology and I noted that I am sorry, in some ways, that I won't live long enough to see some of the cool stuff that's coming down the pike.  He said immediately 'sure you will, just not in this form'.

UGH!  And I said that out loud.  I've had a great life and while I'd rather not check out this minute, whenever it's time, I'll be fine with it and grateful for what I had.

He was astounded and, probably, unbelieving that I didn't want to live as long as possible in this form or another.

Now that I've thought about it a little, I'm still not wild about the idea but after I'm dead, I think I'm ok with whatever happens.  But I still don't want to outlive this life. Going peacefully in my sleep - tonight, if that's my deal - is my choice over all others.
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