Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My day so far

I finally met Gary.  Gary and I originally met online in 1994 when he helped me learn how to build web pages via messages on our then ISP's electronic bulletin board system.  We lost touch soon after until a couple of months ago when he found me on Google Plus and said 'let's meet for coffee'.  The first time he set, got canceled when he sent an email to say he had a concussion.  The second time he set, he didn't show up for.  So this was strike 3.  At least he showed.

He had coffee and I had breakfast.

He's very different.  He's about my age and is basically alone - not much family, few friends.  But that's the end of the list of things we have in common.  He's clearly not at all happy with being alone and feels very much a victim.  He has figured out how to build wind turbines out of bicycle parts and thinks he can stop all tornadoes from ever happening.  He does not understand why no one will invest money in either one of these ventures.

I tried to listen as if I cared which I honestly did not.  There's a trick to looking like you are absorbing all the not-at-all-fascinating yadda yadda being dispensed while you are trying to figure out how and how soon you can get the fuck out of there. I'm not sure I have the trick totally down pat but then I'm not sure he noticed anyway.

It was mostly boring and seemed like it went on forever. Probably we were there for an hour and a half.   I am not a people person. It's lovely to test that every once in a while and make sure it has not changed. It hasn't. I totally get why most people are people people and I even understand a little the rewards for their efforts.  It's just that those rewards are not worth the effort to me.

I am thrilled to be home - just me and the cat.


It is way foggy out still.  There was very little traffic out which was good since driving was perilous.  Now it's nearly noon and I still can barely see the stadium across the street.


My neighbor in the apartment building across the way has, apparently, gone away for the holiday.  He has his blinds all lowered and it was pitch dark there last night and this morning.  I miss him. I hope he's coming home soon.  One of the other apartments is also obviously gone.  I am overly attached to all those people.  The three apartments that I can see most easily in to are not yet even occupied.  When they are, I think my interest will become an obsession. I love watching people just living their lives.
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