Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The rest of my day

This has really just been a lovely, quiet, peaceful day.  I've thought a couple of times today, how much I'm enjoying it.  Weird but nice.

My neighbor Ann was just in for a quick visit and we got to talking about books.  She is not a computer person.  Won't touch it. She can almost use her emergency only mobile flip fone.  But, she's a Nook lover.  She loves her Nook and has it with her always.  We got on the subject of actual, physical books - several places around town are having ginormous use book sales.  I have no use for physical books.  Don't want 'em. I don't even want to borrow them from the library.  My current book is in my pocket on my phone or on my tablet but I can get to it on any computer, too.  I don't need shit to dust or something I have to keep track of.  And now, after a couple of Nook years, she's feeling the same way.  One of her friends told her the other day that books need to have physical pages to turn.  "I just ignored her."  Ha.

And letters.  I often here 'isn't it just wonderful to get a real letter in someone's handwriting in the postal mail??!!' no.  not.  I got one not long ago and my first thought was Ugh, Now I have to write one back.  Where are the envelopes?  Where are the stamps?  People who don't have and get email are annoying.  Sorry.  That's just the way it is.

And... taking a content 180...

I was listening to Tig Navaor on a Moth podcast and she was talking about living with her military grade step father.  She explained that he was so rigid and so mean that he would send her in to clean her room and then he would come inspect. Anything she left out that didn't get put away, he'd put in a plastic bag and take away and she's have to do chores to get money to buy it back.  What a terrorist!!!

Er ah, my sweet Mom did the same to us for years.  Only she used a box.  And we were not allowed to do chores for money. Chores were expected and there were no rewards for getting them done - only punishment for not doing them.  We did get allowances and we could use that to buy back anything in our boxes.  We had one month.  Whatever we hadn't bought back by then got donated to charity.

She also charged us for sandwiches.  She gave us lunch money for school.  My sister and I quickly figured out we could make our lunch at home and take it with us and pocket the cash.  Oh No You Can't.  Shortly after we made our discovery, there appeared on the fridge, a pricelist.  PB and J was the cheapest, sandwiches that were made with meat and cheese were the most expensive and potato chips were a costly side dish.

We quit making and taking our lunch fast.

Honestly I think both of these maneuvers constituted hilarious parenting.  Mom didn't have a day job.  She needed the cash.  Maybe Tig's step father was strapped.

And another 180

I am getting worried that I won't have enough Scandal episodes to last me through New Year's when the reruns stop.  I am now allowing myself only 1 a day.  That should do it.  CES is the week after New Years this year so when I come back the TiVo should have all manner of new stuff waiting.
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