Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Amazon rich

Gazelle just confirmed their purchase price of my Nexus 4.  I took the Amazon gift card option which throws in another 5% so about $150 is hitting my Amazon account today.  Plus, my Discover cash back is also available and they are running a 5% cash back for online purchases which is really beefing up my cash back stash which I can also use on Amazon.  Of course, I don't want to use any of it until Discover deal ends but when it does I'm going to have the sweetest free ride on Amazon that you ever saw!! I love seeing total order = $0.00!


My swim this morning was really nice.  I finished my regular 2,000 yards and then took some victory laps because the pools will all be closed tomorrow and Friday - no swimming for me.

A lot of the folks who do the early morning swim (6:30-7 m/w/f) are the same every time.  There are 4 of us who generally end up in the shower/locker rooms at the same time after our swim.  Two are buds.  They are both in their late 20's and chatter back and forth the entire shower/dressing. I enjoy listening to their conversation. Today was all about dinner tomorrow - who was coming and what their mother-in-laws were doing or not doing.  They are both in their first or second year of marriage.

The other after-swim locker room regular is a princess type who takes forever and has a jillion weird little quirks but the quirkiest of them is that she - every time just before she packs up to go - holds her flip flops up to the wall mounted dryer and stands there and dries them for about 3 minutes.  The dryer is really loud and annoying but drying her flip flops?????  Today she dried them and left and the other two finally talked about it and I joined in.  Whackadoodle.  We agreed that 1. it was nuts and 2. it was nuts.


My Dyson hot and cold fan is wonderful but it keeps blowing my circuits.  If I use one set of outlets and it blows, it kills my modem, router, TiVo, TV and Squeezebox radio.  All of them recover easily but the TiVo takes for freakin ever and if I'm recording a show, it leaves me a hole in the program.

The other set of outlets I could use, carries the coffee pot, toaster, two computers, three monitors, and a wifi extender.  Neither of the computers is robust and both hate a surprise shut down.

I posted about this problem on G+ last night and a great guy who I've followed for years on Twitter and G+, left a comment with the solution - a $60 uninteruptable power supply. It will keep my computers up until I can flip the breaker switch.  Ordered. Whew and year!


I sent Gary a reminder email about getting together tomorrow for breakfast. (Long time online friend recently refound - we've never actually met f2f before. He invited me out for coffee about a month ago and stood me up. We're trying again tomorrow.)  Other than that, I have nothing on the agenda for tomorrow or Friday.  I have plenty of food in the house so not need to go out unless I want to.  Nice.
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