Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I methodically went to BECU via email to ask if I could deposit a cashier's check for $9,000 via my phone.  The response was SURE!  The truth was NFW.  But before I got to the NFW part, I went back into Key Bank and closed out the accounts and got the check.  Then I came home, fired up the phone and found out it wouldn't work.  GRRRR  The closest branch/ATM that takes deposits is not close to me at all.  BUT, then I found a 'partner' credit union.  Another trip out but the deed, she is done.  Whew.

I am so not a pretty, happy, kind person when what should be easy peasy turns out to be PIA.

In the pool today I listened to more turn of the 70's anti-war hippy music.  I spent the hour in about 1969-70. God we were so young and stupid.  And we thought we were so special and we weren't.  I think I got my fill.  As I type, the Everyly Brothers and another group I just found - The Good Intentions - are going onto the swim iPod.  It takes so long. I wish there was a way to just drag and drop the mp3's without all of the syncing and db cleanup stuff it has to do but at least I don't have to use iTunes to do it.

I thought I had real content for this entry but I guess not - just bitching and moaning about problems that aren't even enough to qualify for 1st world.  Sigh.
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