Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I was right

BECU replied to my email inquiry of this morning.  Still waiting for Key Bank's answer to last week's email.  But, whatever their answer turns out to be, I don't care.  BECU says cashiers check is fine and the amount limit is $9,999,999.99.  My cashier's check will be for an amount something south of that...  I paid off the rest of the COBRA payments - the last thing out of my Key Bank account and as soon as that clears, I'll go pay them a 'gimme all my money' visit and be done with them.

My brother is being so understanding about my having to have a scooter at CES. He really gets me.  I'm so grateful to have him.

Laundry's all done and folded .  Next up, put everything away. Clean up the kitchen.  Make a run to the garbage dumpster.

Then I may settle in for an episode or two of Scandal.

Another one of my favorites may be watchable again. I really liked the Mentalist for the first couple of years and then they went off the rail with the whole Red John thing.  They should have ended that a whole long time ago.  Apparently now the deed is finally done and I can go back to watching it. Nice.  Also starting up again this week is another favorite, Major Crimes which I like a lot.

I have one more week in this bear month and I need to rev up production.  Nothing like some good tv to help that effort!
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