Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The OMG of the week...

So, in an entry today, notmypresident was complaining - like we all have - about the junk that ends up being included when you check out your friends of friends feed.  I've always hated it and had a several tedious and cumbersome and note very successful work arounds.

Today, I got all annoyed all over again and sent a request into LJ support.  And got an answer back with a proper filter!!!

It shows how to filter your friends page but all the filters work on your friendsfriends page, too!!

So to get what I want - no communities, no syndications, no nothing - just journal entries, I can use:

I am so doing the happy dance.


The rest of the day - after this morning was way better.  When I am quiet and don't move much, I can breathe like a champion.  No coughing, no panting. I can even take a deep breath easily.  That's what all afternoon today was.  Being still and quiet - watching TV and knitting - and breathing fine.  At least I know what works.
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