Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

cough cough cough

I did go to Serious Biscuit and it was - except for one horrible part - great!  There were several key streets closed for work of some kind which made parking a bit of a challenge and then, the place was packed.  I had to wait but not even long enough to finish the newspaper someone had kindly left.  I had just gotten my coffee when two guys about my age were seated next to me and after we all ordered, they asked me about parking.

Turns out they are brothers - one from Kansas City and one from Tucson.  The wife of Kansas City had given him this trip with his brother for his birthday.  They love to fish and Kansas City guy is a big foodie so they were eating and fishing their way through a long weekend in Seattle because they both love Seattle.  We had a great visit that lasted through the meal.  I saved them a trip to Salumi's - they were headed that way and it's not open on weekends. It was not near any place else they wanted to go. They were on their way downtown and asked about oysters. I suggested Shuckers. It's a very classy oyster bar in the Fairmont hotel.   I hope they go, I think it's their kind of place.

Then I started to cough.  And I could not stop.  It was my usual dry cough that usually I can stop by drinking water but that wasn't working. I was really embarrassed. They were cool about it but still.  I drank a shit load of water and coffee and got it a little under control but not really.  I paid my bill and wished them a great rest of their trip and got out of there.

It got a little better outside - I think walking or moving helped. I grabbed my rescue inhaler as soon as I got home and, either that helped or I was all coughed out because soon it stopped.  But, ugh.  It's not as gross (at least not to me) as a wet, cough up a lung cough, but still.  It's really not conducive to being in public comfortably.

I will not leave the house again without that inhaler and maybe some cough drops.

On the up side, there is a waiter there who's name is Matthew.  He never ever ever fails to recognize me, remember my name and greet me like he's been waiting for me to come back since forever. He's also just adorable.  Today he was not my waiter but still, stopped by the table, told me he'd missed me.  Said it had been August since I was there last - he's right, I think I was with seattlejo.  Wild.  I told him today that his memory is just freaky.  He thought that was hilarious.

I am not going out in public again - at least not today.  If I'm going to cough myself to death, I want to do it in private. But, at least now I am no longer coughing.  Whew.  
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