Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

This is why I don't have friends

A few weeks back, I got a note from a guy who, in 1994, fed me, via ebbs messages, tips and tricks for building my first website. He was infinitely patient and so nice to me.  I was very grateful and while we lost touch probably that same year, I've always thought of him with great fondness for all he did for me - a total stranger.  We never met face to face although we both lived in Seattle.

He found me not long ago and sent me a 'remember me?' email.  We swapped a couple of notes - he's still here and retired (says he doesn't do much at all) and he asked me if I wanted to meet for coffee and I said sure and we agreed on a time and place.  I went.  He didn't.  He later said he forgot. Which I'm sure he did.

Today, he tries again.  I said I was free Thursday and Friday. He said great. how about Thursday and named a place that is closed on Thanksgiving.  I countered with a place, near him, that I know is open for breakfast on Thursday and suggested 9 am.  He said fine (although he did said 'ok, Friday at 9'.  And then he added 'feel free to text or call to remind me'.

So... I'm stood up once and now it's my job to fucking remind him?????  No.  I sent him a note back and told him - in bold that we were meeting on Thursday (the place isn't open for breakfast on Friday) and that I'd be there for breakfast at 9 and if he was, too, that would be great.

I do not have the patience, understanding, desire to handhold people so that I can have friends. I'd rather have a cat.  Oh, hai, Zoey!
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