Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Follow Up

Ann just burst in here with NEWS!  Apparently the whole festuce with Dr. Dawn is the talk of the town and she (Ann) just learned that the condo lawyer just approved a $1,000 fine to be paid by her immediately.  Nice.

And, while we were on a high note, I told her I was opting out of Christmas Eve but was really looking forward to Christmas Day dinner.  I could tell she was a little hurt but got over it.  She then told me that likely they won't be having any booze of any kind, in deference to son Charlie's alcohol issues.  Not that big a deal for me but huge for her and Ron as they never go an evening without vodka and wine.  It will all be fine. I'm just relieved to get out from under half of the obligation that I truly am looking forward to the other half.

mrdreamjeans and notdefined might be happy to hear that I used no excuse - made up or otherwise. I just told her on second thought I was going to pass...

But note to all... calling the building manager a Fucking Asshole in front of innocent bystanders in the middle of the lobby is a price proposition!
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