Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Most days, the only non-moveable thing on my agenda is swim time.  I aim to be at the pool's edge ready to go in the minute it opens.  So the swim schedule mostly looks like this:

sunday noon
monday 6:30 am
tuesday 11 am
wednesday 6:30 am
thursday 11 am
friday 6:30 am
saturday 8:30

I did have my alarm (which is an internet clock radio) set for nearly a different time every day.  But then I noticed I often woke up too early, or found it really hard to wake up and falling asleep was a crapshoot.  So I set my alarm for 6 am - every single day.  NPR news radio comes on.  On early swim days, I hop out of bed and hit the road.  On the other days, I usually listen to the news for a bit with my eyes clothes and get up more gradually.

But, my sleep has smoothed itself out very nicely.  It seems a little nuts to have the alarm going off at 6 when you are retired and don't have to get up and go to work but it's really working out very nicely for me.


I'm spending a fair amount of time right now in micro financial planning.  Not the big picture stuff but the next 6 months stuff.

I have four major large expenses coming up in a row.  Annual home owners dues in December, CES in January, annual real estate taxes in February, and federal income taxes with CPA bill in April.  That last one will be much smaller than in former years but I'm still leaving it on the list.  I know these things are coming up every year so I keep money pots for each so that when the time comes there will be cash to pay them with.  Right now I'm guestimating that the total for all four will be $15,000.

I discovered last night that moving the money into the right buckets may well mean that my balance at Key bank will dip below the fee free line.  Their website is not helpful and the customer service via phone is not very satisfactory. So I think a little in-person trip may be in order.  I rarely use them any more and if we're talking monthly fees, then we're talking account closing.

I have nearly $5,000 in a health savings account.  I have health expenses to match that and more. And medicare will make that moot in March.  So, in January, I need to deposit another $4,000 to get max tax credit and then, as soon as that hits, I can withdraw it all and close that account all together.

It feels like a high stakes juggling act.  I have a couple of spreadsheets in the works and a checklist.  First thing on that checklist is the visit to Key bank.  I may well do that today.


And there will be swimming at 11.
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