Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Condos - the ugly

Last Summer, one of the residents upstairs had a fire.  The woman who started the fire is a retired osteopathic dentist who moved here about 15 years ago from Florida. She started out as a pain in the neck. Saying stupid stuff in the elevators and hallways to people.  My 82 year old friend who used to live on the 3rd floor once went to her to have her teeth checked.  Dr. Dawn (usually uttered with the same intonation that Seinfield used on Newman) tried to convince Thomasina to get all of her fillings replaced.  Thomasina's take on it was that spending $12,000 prophylactically (a bit off the charts if you are 20) was ridiculous at 82.

Most people I know tolerate her partner (maybe wife by now, I don't know) and try to avoid Dr. Dawn at all costs.

Anyway, apparently - and not surprisingly - Dr. Dawn was not kind or patient or tolerant or even civil during the reconstruction of her unit. And it was complicated - involving insurance companies of hers, the homeowners, the owner of the building next door and of the state (who's offices in the building next door were damaged).

They moved back in today. About mid-day, I passed through the lobby and ran into Scott who told me that Dr. Dawn's moving people were now 2 and a half hours late and he had no recourse but to stand there and wait for them.  He was not happy. At 4:30, I was downstairs getting my mail.  I was waiting in the lobby with Scott, the building manager, his son Tom, the janitor, and a guy who bought a unit down the hall a couple of months ago.  We were happily chit chatting, when the elevator door opened and Dr. Dawn got out.  She proceeded to tell Scott that the moving crew still had work to do and they were going to do it now.  He reminded her that no movers or workers or vendors of any kind are allowed in the building after 4:30.

She proceeded to lay into him in decibels that were pretty impressive.  Calling him a fucking asshole was about as pleasant as she got in her diatribe.  It was actually almost frightening. Dr. Dawn has some heft and does not give the impression she would hesitate to use it.  We could hear it long after the elevator doors closed and we were going up.

I got right up here and sent the board president a note telling him that if he needed a witness, I was ready.  holy crap.

Oh, here's the video of the fire.

In my mail today was the condo budget.  One of the board members is a bean counter for Starbucks (hahaha yeah, I see what I did there).  She knows her nums and did a fine job on the budget.  Our dues went up nearly 4% but I was actually expecting higher.  I pay mine all at once so I don't have to screw with it monthly.  My HOA pot only has $5,500 in it. I'm going to have to steal some from another pot.  I think there's overage in the CES fund.

When the pros and cons of living in a condo are all laid out, for me there are far more pros and I just have to keep remembering that.
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