Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The past two swims have been slogs.  I swim and swim and swim and then either check the time or my ring counter to see that I have swum half as much as I thought I had.  Weird. Usually it's the other way around.  Maybe having the imposed time outs from the pool (it's closed next Sunday, then Thanksgiving and the day after), we get my slog removed.

On October 31, I joined the YMCA to have a backup pool.  Their free join special ended that day, hence the hurry.  The next day it would have cost me $125.  A couple of days later, after they had applied the monthly fee of $65 to my account, I tried out the pool on a Sunday and didn't like it and so, resigned there on the spot.  I didn't ask and assumed my $65 was in part or in whole gone for good.

But, today, I got $65 refunded to my credit card!  Very cool.  They do have a day pass you can get for $10 so in a pinch....  I may try it again someday but NOT on a Sunday, that's for sure.

Nothing much going on here today except the usual.  It's really pretty cold outside.  I'm kind of getting leery of breathing in a lot of really cold air.  It's not uncomfortable to me. I like the cold but, apparently, my lungs do not.  This morning I was really struggling until I got my drugs all inhaled.  It amazes me every single day how I can pant and struggle to breathe until I get to the pool.  I can get winded if I do too much sprint swimming but I if I go at my normal pace - a mile in an hour or less, I'm fine. Just fine.  It's so weird.

The pool is warm and maybe the warm and the humidity is the ticket.  I'm just so grateful.

I think now, I'll get up and get some more clothes on and then take the trash down to the dumpsters.
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