Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Package tracking

I remember well the days of catalog ordering. You called an 800 number and made your order and then blindly waited "4-6 weeks" for some unidentified delivery service to bring it to you on some unidentified day.   At the time, it seemed more than reasonable.

Today I have 3 tabs open.  One backordered skein of yarn is coming via UPS delivered by USPS. Two spray body lotions are coming via UPS and a box of 24 coffee pods are coming via Fedex delivered by USPS.  All show Out for Delivery - lovely words.  The unknown today is when but I have good guesses.  The UPS guy will get here, likely, while I'm swimming.  The USPS guy will get here about 4ish.

A much better system, if you ask me.

Although for special items, I'd still like to have the kind of tracking where I can - on a web page - follow the delivery truck on his rounds until he gets to me.  Some day.

My brother and his staff are still having a ball with the coffee maker.  They had a little mini-meeting today to discuss plans for new pod acquisition.  Plan is that Amy is going to Costco tonight. Finally my brother says:  "Take the company card and just get plenty of variety - between the 5 of us, someone will love each one."   Josh - the youngest and newest (although he's been there for nearly 2 years now) has already been declared Mr. Hazelnut.

Very nice for me to be able to eavesdrop on their fun.

Last night my main laptop computer - the Pixel I use every day all day - started acting wonky.  I had been using the beta version of the software.  I flipped the switch to the stable version which requires a factory reset.  I moved a couple of files I had downloaded to Google Drive for safekeeping and then hit OK.  5 minutes I was  completely back up and operational with all my tabs, all my settings and everything back in place.  I love my chromebook.

I watched the pilot of Almost Human last night.  I wonder why networks cling to the batch most new shows in September mode. Debuting one by itself sure gets more of my attention. I think had Almost Human premiered back when everything else did, I might have just ignored it.  As it was, I was ready for something new and this fit the bill nicely.  The pilot was aired on Saturday and the 2nd episode last night.  I will probably watch it tonight.  It's not perfect but it sure has potential.

My neighbor Ann came in late yesterday.  She said that in the recent condo survey when they asked for volunteers to help select the new building manager "only 4 people signed up so that's all we had on the committee"... er ah... I signed up and I don't think I'm on any committee!!  I'm really glad I wasn't selected but I think it's kind of cheeky to ignore my offer.  BUT Ann's been known to miss a fact now and again - or rather usually.  So no biggie.  It does sound like they have a viable candidate on the hook and nearly hired so cool.

The pool opens at 11 and I plan to be there.  I have one stop to make at the library ahead of time and then at the grocery after (frozen stuff might not like waiting while I swim).  Time to suit up and hit the road.
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