Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My Monday so far

I did have a great swim.  Most of my hour there was one or two other swimmers in my lane going at about my pace. It was just pleasant.  I do need to change out the music on my player sometime soon, though.  Oh and more roof work so the pool will be closed Saturday and Sunday coming up.  And then the following Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving.  Bummer.

After the pool, I went over to the post office to drop off my old phone.  (I passed through a small intersection on the way there and just now read that a police officer was hit by a car there about 30 minutes ago - 30 minutes after I was there. Yikes.) Then I stopped for a sausage biscuit at MacDonald's.  (Sausage biscuit plus medium sized coffee - $2.19 - pretty excellent deal, if you ask me!)

My brother just posted on Google Plus that today was Crabby Customer Day. I missed the drama but can gather from the conversation when I finally fired up the webcam that it has not been an upbeat day there today.   Their new coffee pot is Out For Delivery. Maybe that will make the day better.

My arms are nearly bruise free right now but my hands - both of them - are covered with wounds and blood bruises.  And a couple of the biggest, ugliest, are new so will be there for a couple of more weeks minimum.  Ugh.

Nothing on the hit parade today.  I may do laundry.  The drawers in the bathroom are driving me a little 'Organize Us!!' crazy but I don't think I'll hit that threshold today :)
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