Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


When I first started having breathing issues, my cute doctor and the other guy he sent me to, kept saying that my issues were exacerbated by winter.  My love for the cold weather of winter led me to disregard that info.  But, now we're on winter #3 and I'm thinking maybe they weren't wrong.  I'm having more and more coughing fits and problems catching my breath.  I'm not sure what to do with this info except maybe add it to baseball as reasons not to hate Summer.  I'm trying not to use my rescue inhaler too much.  It says not more than 4 times a day- with 4 hours between uses.  When I get to that limit, I'll get worried.

This morning so far, Zoey and I are still in bed.  The football crowds are already gathering outside.  It seems like the more games the Seahawks win, the more rabid the fans get. It just doesn't pay to try and fight them.  Staying here inside my nice, warm, quiet-ish home seems like the best antidote.  There are only 2 more afternoon home games this year. They are at the end of December. I think I can deal.

And I do have bears to knit. Here we are more than halfway through the month and the chair population is woefully thin.  I gotta get past these distraction and get cracking.

First I need some breakfast.
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