Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This morning's swim was excellent.

On Friday mornings during football season, a crowd of Seahawks fans get together in the parking lot of the stadium, I think, for an early morning tv shoot.  Periodically I can hear a short lived but fairly loud cheer.  Every week it takes me by surprise.  By the time I get used to it, football season will be over.

I ordered a new phone - a Nexus 5 - and it arrives today.  I'm not entirely sure I'm going to keep it and sell my current phone or return it and keep the current one.  I have a couple of weeks to test it out and decide but I'm guessing it won't take that long.  My hot buttons are camera, battery and wifi spot.  All of those need to work as least as good as they do on my current phone and the camera needs to be way better.  So... we will see.  Plus I do love new gadgets.  Here's hoping Mr. UPS has this building on his morning run.

When I was a little girl, I really wanted long hair and long fingernails.  My mom never let my hair grow.  She had the fastest scissors in the South.  When she's comb my hair, if I so much as let out a peep, she'd get those suckers out and start hacking.  And the minute a hair got in front of my eyes, it was gone.    My nails just never grew at all. I remember lying in bed at night and in true tinker bell fashion, wishing as hard as I possibly could that overnight my hair and nails would grow.  This led to many a depressing morning.

Now swimming has stunted my hair growth but that's saving me a bundle in hair cuts (Mom and her scissors retired years before she died).  My nails, however, grow like kudsu.  I swear I can hear them growing at night.   I no longer want them long because when they are long and wet (from swimming) they are way too easy to get caught on stuff or bend backwards painfully and just generally get in the way.  So now I spent way too much time cutting, filing off sharp edges and keeping them in line.  Every time I have to fool with them, I think of the 5 year old me who would be so disappointed.

Nothing on the calendar today and no errands on the list.  I think I'll go make some breakfast while I wait for UPS.
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