Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Last night I met up with babsbuni who in in town on business.  It was really fun to put a face to the LJ username!  Plus, we went to one of my all time favorite places - 13 Coins - for dinner.  It's so unusual for me to have an actual face to face conversation with another person that, I've kind of lost my skill set. I just babble.  All of the thoughts I've had recently just fall out of my mouth.  But babsbuni appeared to be kindly tolerant.  It was fun to hear about her life and animals and interesting job.


Today's swim is at 11.  Somedays swimming feels like brushing my teeth - a pleasant enough experience as well as a prophylactic one.  And somedays it feels more like opening a present - an experience I'm anxiously awaiting and just biding my time now until I can dive in and get going.  I don't really know what triggers the difference and when but I do know that today is more like the opening a present day.  I'm ready and waiting!


Yesterday I saw an old email chain mail thing about the wonders of bananas. I could find no credible source but it doesn't matter.  While bananas may not make you smarter, they won't make you more stupid either and they taste good and are good for you.  But, mainly the whole thing gave me a giant jones for bananas.  I do love them but I hate dealing with their peels.  I can't put them in the disposal so I have to deal with them other ways which is annoying.  My tangerines give my sink a fresh shell.  Bananas just cause work.  But, regardless, I will stop by the store and stock up today.


Otherwise the calendar is clear today and free to take advantage of whatever happens along.
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