Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Swim this morning was good. But I was slow.  I quit wearing my counter ring for a while. I figured an hour was 2,000 yards.  This morning I decided to test.  At one hour I was only 1,750.  Ooops.  I don't want to get swim lazy. I went ahead and did the last 250 yards today. I'm going back to regular counting and will try to get my speed up.  It's not a huge deal but worth the effort, I think.


Today is computer update day.  I have more gadgets than I need and if they are worth anything, I sell the ones I'm not using.  Of the ones that aren't worth selling, if they still run at all, I like to keep updated just in case.  (Like the iTunes deal.  I was able to install iTunes on a machine that barely runs - it's a laptop with a dead battery - and keep the computer and iTunes away from my other stuff.)  If I want or need to use one, especially a Windows one, I don't want to wait the million hours it takes to do an overdue Windows update.  So, once a month, I open up/turn on every machine in the house and make sure it has the latest and greatest.  Today's the day.


I'm still on the bed, right now, however. Zoey is all cuddled up in my lap between me and the keyboard and I hate to break the spell.  But, alas, I can't spend the day here.  At some point, snuggly kitty aside, I have to move or there will be no circulation in my legs and they will just snap off if/when I do try to move them. So...  time to get up, hang up the wet swim stuff and get on with my day.
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