Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today at the pool, the rumor mill said that the pool was going to close for 6 days sometime before Thanksgiving so they could replace the skylights.  One person said 2 days and then another 2 days.  Another person said 3 days and then another 3 days.  I decided not to worry about it.

Tonight I checked the web page and whew.  The pool is closing this Friday and Saturday and next Friday and Saturday BUT they are opening on both Fridays for my early morning swims so, in reality, the only shifting I have to do is Saturdays.  I'll probably go back to my old pool and maybe even take a class again.  Nice.


Tomorrow I get to meet a long time LJ friend. babsbuni was on my friends list forever and then, like so many, kind of moved away from LJ and went off my list in some purge or another.  But, apparently, she did not lose me and last week said she would be here for work and staying at the hotel 2 blocks from my house!!  and could we get together.  ABSOLUTELY!!  Plus, tonight, I realized that she was actually not on my friends list and has be posting a little so maybe she'll come back now that I've added her back in :).  Anyway, I'm really looking forward to meeting her.


I just read that Microsoft has changed its evaluation system.  Just as I was leaving the company, they implemented this strange performance curve grading system. Every manager had to rank the people reporting to them on a true curve. This means at any given time, someone who reports to them had to be terminated or put on a program towards termination.  Of course, this didn't happen across the board but I do know of people who didn't suck who were fired because of the system and I know of at least a couple of managers  who left rather than have to fire people who didn't deserve it.  And, worst of all, it did not cull out those who really needed to be culled - they still managed to stay in and preserve their layer of deadwood.  It was really demoralizing.  And now it's gone. I expect there was a lot of dancing for joy on campus this afternoon.
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