Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I spent a lot of quality time yesterday with my iPod Shuffle.  I charged it up and turned it on and let it go.  My initial worry was battery life.  I think, now, that I just did not charge it sufficiently originally and that's why it ran out of juice so quickly.  The battery indication system is a tad wonky but it's such a tiny little thing that there isn't room for a lot of stuff.

I also got iTunes set up on the old computer in such a way that I can get to it easily if I want and it does not fuck with my music or anything else.  I keep my music in MP3 format on Google Drive.  It gets backed up automagically and is available on any computer/phone/tablet anytime I need it. It's a system that works for me and I sure don't want iTunes fucking with it.

But now I have, what I think is a good system for easily adding and deleting music on the Shuffle and I have a better feel for what the battery is doing even when the battery check system doesn't work the way it's supposed to.  There's enough battery there to last a week so I really only need to charge it once a week or less and it can stay in my car with my swim stuff the rest of the time.


I got my blood test results back yesterday afternoon. And everything is good.  The only number that was even close to falling out of 'good range' was the diabetes number which was close to the edge but it's been that way for years and it's just a miracle that it hasn't gone over considering the way I eat.  I just hope I don't outlive that good luck.

So assuming everything stays fine and dandy, I don't go back until next May when I am on Medicare.  Nice.

Oh and my case of Flu Shot Arm is greatly improved today.  And that blood draw guy yesterday??? He did not even leave a bruise!! Usually the stick site(s) are a war zone of black and blue for a week after.  This morning there is a teensy little reddish dot.  Amazing.


I am ready for a swim. I didn't miss it as much yesterday as I thought I would but still it will be good to get back in the water and push off from the wall.

But, the pool doesn't open until 11 today so I'll wait til then.
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