Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I'm fine fine fine

My insurance clearly states that for Doctor visits, I pay 20% (after my deductible which was met eons ago).  But today they charged me $35.   I even questioned them.  I'm sure that is way less than 20% but... what.ever.  Guess I'll find out when they send me the bill.

My doctor is so cute and nice and fun.  My blood pressure is fine.  He grilled me about my breathing and listened and said it sounded good.  I got a flu shot.  He wanted to check other stuff so I gave them some blood.  I'll get those results this afternoon in the online chart program.  We agreed to meet again in May.  No changes in any drugs.

We tested my blood pressure cuff and it read the same as his.  Nice.  While I was waiting, I test his scale which read the same as mine.  Also nice.

The blood draw guy was great.  I have the world's tiniest veins that are hard to find in my fat arms and a bitch to tap into.  There is no chance I could ever become an iv drug user.  But the guy I got today was on top of his game.  I always apologize when I first sit down.  Especially on a Monday - if I were a blood taker, I'd hate to see me coming.  But he looked around very studiously and found one he thought would work. He hit it the first time and it was a good one so he had what he needed in no time. Nice.

I stopped off to get bread on the way home and now I'm doing laundry. I think three loads will do it.  
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