Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

More Sunday

I headed out and got my one errand done in White Center and then stopped at the drug store and made it to the pool about 20 minutes before 11. I amused myself in the car for a bit and then decided to go on in... Only when I got to the door I saw the sign that says they were closed for two weeks for maintenance.  Doh!  I should have checked their website.

I would have just bagged the swimming but for tomorrow's closures.  I figured 30 minutes at my regular pool was better than nothing so off I went.  I got there at 11:30 and they open at noon.  Not too much time to kill.  I hit the water and it was great.  I figured I'd keep going til it was not great or I hit my hour.

After 30 minutes my iPod died.  The red light tells me the battery's dead.  I charged it on Thursday.  I used it for an hour on Friday and and hour on Saturday and 30 minutes today.  That does not sound like the 15 hours I'm supposed to get out of the thing. hmmmm.  I finished up my swim in bubble silence and came on home.

I had leftover taco/frito chillie for lunch that was delicious.  The ipod is now charging up.  When the flashing orange turns to green, I'm going to unplug it and turn it on and start the timer.  If it falls short of the 15 hours, it's going to take a trip back to Amazon.

Now I'm in Sunday quiet.  Zoey is here snuggled up next to my thigh.  All is nice.

I need to do laundry but isn't Monday laundry day?  I think it is.  I don't think it would be nice to steal Monday's thunder.
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