Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


And so the weekly swim problem is here again.

My regular pool is just too frenetic - kids swim classes.  Two of the lanes are  closed for those lessons and the others quickly fill up with weekend swimmers who are rude and entitled and make swimming way more stressful than fun.

The pool at West Seattle opens an hour earlier and has no kids but does have cranky old people who aren't big on sharing or working with each other to make sure all swimmers have an enjoyable experience.  And the pool isn't a fun one.  The shallow end is way too shallow.

The other pools are in inconvenient locations, don't open early enough and/or are too crowded.

I think, starting next week, my game plan will be to go to my regular pool, get there just as they open and get in as much swimming as possible (probably only about 30) and calling it good.

BUT, I really hate to cheat myself today because all the pools are closed tomorrow - no swimming at all.  :(.  So today, I think I'm going over to West Seattle. Plus, I need to stop at a drug store and there's one on the way.  So that's the plan.

I might stop somewhere after for breakfast/brunch or lunch but I also might just come on home.  That's what I ended up doing yesterday.  I had a lovely breakfast here.  And today I have left overs from dinner last night that will make a lovely lunch today and be way cheaper than stopping at a restaurant!

No games this weekend so I can come and go whenever I want which is kind of fun.

Yesterday I watched the most interesting documentary - The Other F Word.  It was about punk rockers who have morphed into fathers.  I missed the whole punk rock thing so I didn't know any of them or much about their 'thing' but this film explained enough for me to 'get it' and it was a really fascinating take on the punk, fathers and growing up.

I just got an email telling me I can't make the purchase I want via email or phone (what freakin' decade is this anyway???) and in person is my only option.  As it turns out there is a store about 3 miles beyond the West Seattle pool so I think I'll just suit up earlier, hit the road, get it done and then swim.
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