Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My swim this morning was great.  The new music system continues to delight.  The earbud thing turns out to be interesting.  I think, the old players were just so bad that I kept trying to compensate by pushing the earbuds farther into my ears.  That was breaking the suction and making them pop out.  The new player is so good that I don't need to fiddle and can set the earbuds in my ears where they make their own suction and stay in very comfortably and give me excellent sound.  I tried the bigger tree buds for a little bit this morning and they seemed to work fine, too.  I'm really delighted to find a good solution and I'm really enjoying the music.


I'm thinking of going to the movies today.  I want to see Dallas Buyers Club.  The theater showing it is not one of my favorites, but worth the effort, I think, and they have a noon showing which is perfect timing for me.  The noon show is at their screen which is up a fairly steep flight of stairs.  This is a bit of an obstacle but hopefully there won't be a big crowd and I can take my time so it probably won't be a problem.


I'm trying to come up with a way to say thank you to the life guards who work at the pool when I'm there.  The list, including one cashier who is always fabulous, and the manager is 10.  They are never all there at the same time and they share space with a bunch of people who work other shifts so having a cookie basket or the like isn't practical.  I'm now thinking Amazon gift cards maybe - I can get $15 cards in nice holiday gift cards and so add individual notes.  I'm not generally a fan of $$ cards but I'm kind of at a loss for any better ideas.


And I need to find something for Chef Anita.  I can't even remember what I gave her last year.  The year before I found this adorable Chef tree ornament hand had her name put on it.  She has a new house and is overwhelmed with stuff in boxes so she really doesn't need/want more shit.  I'm just stumped.  I wish I didn't hate the gift card/certificate idea so much.  Sigh.


I have been religious about generously applying body lotion when I get out of my after swim shower and it has really paid off.  My skin feels so much better to the touch and does not feel cracked and/or itchy any more.  I am running through body lotion like nobody's business, tho.


Ok enough piddling around.  Time to get up and get stuff done.
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