Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

spending money

I did finally find some halloween candy on sale at Walgreens.  Not very much and very little variety but I was able to score a 12 oz bag of candy corn for $.37 so I declared victory.

I tried out my new Shuffle in the pool and oh yeah, this puppy is NOT going back.  My first try was with the christmas tree earbuds but they weren't great.  I think I may try them again and use the bigger ones.  They would do ok and then get water in them and needed to be fiddled with.  I changed to the round rubber ones and they were actually fine. I may just keep using them.  The sound was excellent. I could hear little details and the words very clearly.  And I can tell that there is still lots of battery life with the little green dot.  So I think I'm going to figure out how to put my id info on them and move my other player into backup slot.  Nice.

I also finally settled on Zappos boots.  So now I have two giant boxes to send back.  The labels are printed and when I finish this entry (and my lunch) I'm going to haul them down to the car and off to Office Depot.

I was thinking while swimming about how sometimes I cannot no do something.  Last night I fiddled with the Shuffle and would not quit until I was done.  I was starving for dinner.  I missed the news. I wanted to knit but I couldn't do any of that until I had it figured out.  Once I got it figured out, I had dinner but then I went right back to project so I could get it swim ready.  I could have easily done it this morning but I just couldn't stop.

I can't standing having the Zappos boxes here now that I've made my decision.  It's cold and rainy and windy and I'd love some down time but there's no way I could enjoy it until after I get this done.

And yet, stuff like organizing the bathroom drawers, I can put off forever.  I think I have semi-failing procrastination skills.


My neighbor, Ann and her husband, Ron, just popped in to ask about my Dyson's hot/cold fan.  I was just going to suggest they borrow mine and try it if they wanted when Ann made a racial slur that pissed me off so much, I didn't offer and gave her the stink eye instead.  "We got caught in the storm coming out of Costco because we got stuck behind a group of those really slow Asians."   I'm pretty sure my facial expression (and the fact that I've called her out on that crap before) gave her the message.
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