Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The housecleaner comes once a month now.  On the second Wednesday.  But the second Wednesday isn't a concept she gets.  So before she leaves every time we look at the calendar for next month and agree on a date.  Last time we agreed on the 13th.

After my swim this morning I was on the bed with my coffee and computer and just piddling around when in comes Amira and her daughter to clean...  hmmmm.  When I pointed out it was next week, she was quick to say she would come back and I appreciated it a lot but told her to go ahead which she appreciated a lot.

Before she comes each time, I try to have the kitchen in order (not clean, particularly, just everything put away) and the bathroom the same way and make sure the rest of the house in somehow organized. And I make sure to have her pay out in cash on the bulletin board where she knows where to find it if I'm not here.  Happily today the kitchen was good because Anita left it good when she finished cooking yesterday.  I did a quick run at the bathroom.  I put the money out last week when I went to the ATM so, really, no biggie.

I always stress on the day she's supposed to come whether or not she remembers and if/when she'll be here. This way, I can totally skip that routine!

My iPod is MIA.  Amazon is not impressing me lately but I'm also not going to stress about this. It will get here sooner or later.  My boots come today - at least the Zappos part of Amazon still loves me.

Yesterday, before the lifeguards opened up the pool for us, two of my swimming buddies and I were waiting together and I told them about my fiasco at the Y.  Turns out, I should have just asked them both.  They both had tried it and found the water gross and the other swimmers rude.  So it's not just me.  Then, this morning, after I swam, I was talking to the two lifeguards and they said the same thing but also told me that the Y has no pool manager. It's up to the lifeguards to do whatever maintenance they can between shifts.  They told me that Alvin, who used to work at my city pool had a side job cleaning the one at the Y.  But, he got promoted and moved to a pool on the other side of town so now, apparently, no one cleans the pool at the Y.  Ugh.

They didn't have any good suggestions for Sundays but agreed that Sundays at my pool (and both of them work the Sunday shift) is not a fun time to swim laps.  They said that Saturdays are even kind of dicey later in the day.  "The entitled meanies come out on weekends."  Again... so nice to find out it's not me or my imagination!

I don't have a big agenda today. I was going to see about taking my hair in for a consult/trim but I've decided on another plan first. I've switched back to my other chlorine removal shampoo and am going to start wearing that lycra cap. It's not nearly as annoying or uncomfortable and the latex or silicone caps and maybe it will help. I'm going to give them both a month before I move on to other measures.

I did finish up my knitted cap and it's kind of cute and comfortable and makes it more fun to walk by a mirror!

Now it's time to double down on increasing the bear population.  Shouldn't be an issue, my calendar is pretty clear.
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