Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Back to my wonderful clear blue pool with my friendly peops and my lane buddy, Christina.  Sometimes there are others in my lane but every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Christina arrives about 5 minutes after I start my swim.  She goes like I do, without much stopping.  She likes to follow me - she says I'm her pace car.  She only swims for 30 minutes but she rarely misses a day and it's always nice to see a friendly face - especially after yesterday.

I have newsletter work to do this morning for my brother.  He wrote these great pieces to answer the questions he gets most  about viruses and malware.  He wrote two of them, initially for a business newspaper in his town.  But then he polished them and I gave them branding and put each of them on a single sheet for handing out but then they kind of go together so now I'm going to put them into one nice Special Edition.  This morning he got word from the newspaper that they will slip this Special Edition into each paper if he supplies the copies.

He has a really cool deal with this guy who refurbishes office printer/copiers. The guy does the work in his garage so he came to Bill and asked if he could showcase a couple of the units in his shop.  So Bill has them set up in his shop so the guy can bring customers in and, in return, Bill gets free printing as often as he wants - color, duplex, very nice quality.  It's a major win all around.

So, I'll fix them up today, he'll print them off and they will go out in the newspaper.  They are good pieces - one is the Who, What, Where, When and How of malware and the other is why their computers in the shop never get infected.  He gets a lot of infected machines in from his retail clients.  He's slowly but surely building up his small business IT business and a major component of that is protection.

And I love that I get to help out.

My hair has all but stopped growing and is getting more blonde by the minute. I think it may be shorter now than it was after my last haircut!  It's looking like chemo hair. It's probably too late to save it and really, I think the only save is cap wearing and I hate hate hate wearing a cap.  I need to just quit looking in the mirror.

Tomorrow is Chef Anita day so I need to make sure the fridge and freezer are organized and rid of crap.  Having her come once a month really keeps the growth of green fury forgotten food way down.
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