Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Fail Whale

How many ways to fuck up a morning???

Let's start with... I have a lot of clocks. I like knowing what time it is so I have a lot.  Of that lot, 3 are the old fashioned ones that you have to set by hand.  1 of those is in the bedroom, 1 in the living room and 1 in the car.  I wanted to go swimming at the Y this morning. It opens at 10.  It was 9:40 by the bedroom clock when I left for the pool.

So, yeah, I got there an hour early.  I listened to my audiobook and amused myself in the car because I knew going back home would be dicey with the Seahawks crowd.  About 9:55 the crowd started to build and there were lots of them clamoring to get in the doors which finally opened at 10:10.  Not impressive.

Then we couldn't get into the pool because there was no lifeguard.  Finally they opened the pool doors... and it's a 4 lane pool with 6 lanes worth of people ready to get in.  Turns out 1 lane is used by people doing vertical exercise.  Now we are down the 3.  I start swimming and am stopped by two people who are asking me if I want to swim in this lane... er, yea and it's clear they don't want me to.  Which lane would you like me to swim in, I ask.  They are talking to each other and not to me and are not in the pool but on the edge so I just swam.  When I get back to their end they are joined by the life guard. I asked again, which lane they wanted me in and finally the guy says 'well, you might be happier over here ... and pointed to the lane with the slow vertical people who were not even going in a circle.  As I entered that lane there were two people side by side coming at me.

I got out. The lifeguard made a half hearted attempt to stop me but I allowed as how I like to swim for joy and this was too much drama.  I got dressed and went back to the front desk and cancelled my membership.  Oh, before I got dressed, I took a quick shower and thought, 'mmmm, nice shower!' until I looked over and there were two gynormous spiders on the wall.  I don't have a huge fear of spiders but I'm not comforted by maintenance which allows them free reign.

On the way home, I realized that I had set my expectations too high and it was stupid to have joined without trying it first.  I really wanted a nice place to have a Sunday swim.  I'm really disappointed to learn that yet another pool is a no on Sundays.  I'm only out $65.  I might get a refund of half that but I doubt it. Lesson learned.  The water in the Y pool was also kind of muky.  Or was that my imagination.  I may well try again on the 11th when the city pools are closed.

I drove by my pool on the way home.  It opens at noon and I'm pretty sure I can get at least a good 30 minute swim there and the clock in the car said 11:40... I thought, I could wait 20 minutes...  HALT!!  Fool me once...

On the up side, I did get past the Seahawks crowd amazingly easily and into my garage.  Skipping swimming for one day will not kill me.  It will make tomorrow morning's swim all the sweeter.

The guy who rents the apartment right across from me - one of the first people to move into that building - is having a Seahawks party out on his terrace.  He has THE very best view of the crowds and the stadium of anybody in all of Seattle (he has neighbors who have a similar view but he's the only one with a terrace - it's shared but no one's in the sharing unit).  He has a 12th man flag and his buds with a grill and bloody marys - I love it.  It's a little windy and the sun is in and out.  I hope they have a fabulous time.

I'm going to think about whipping up something for brunch/lunch and see if I can get my mellow back.

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