Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Seattle Blow Job

I grew up in the part of the country that gets ice storms.  Horrible things that snap power lines and tree branches and make it so your can't walk anywhere.  Seattle doesn't get ice storms.  Our specialty is wind storms.  I remember my first one - January of 1993.  It was the day of the first Clinton inauguration and I was so excited to see it all.  I set tkwo VCR's to gather all the coverage until I could get home from work.

And then the wind started.  My co-worker got a call from her son that her yard furniture had moved on down the road.  The traffic lights that I could see from my desk downtown were totally horizontal.  I'd never seen anything like it.  My walk home from work was downhill which was good - with the wind at my back I made it home in half the normal time.  But, when I got home I discovered that the cable system had blown out early.  No inauguration for me.  There was enormous debate over whether Hilary's ball gown was blue or purple. I was soooooo frustrated!!

We've had other wind storms and today we've got a good one going.  They closed one of the bridges over the big lake (this is also a major highway so closing is not a nothing burger).  I made a few stops on the way home from the pool and finally coming out of Safeway after I was nearly beheaded by a Flu Shots Here Today parking lot poster I got my cute the ass home and out of the wind.

Now I'm home and happy to report that The Tree That I Hate is nearly naked.  I have a nice, clear view of the apartments across the street.  I can't wait for tonight when it's dark and they turn their lights on...

The pool this morning was kind of weird.  There was some kind of electrical issue so we were about 10 minutes delayed getting into the pool. They towards the end of my swim some woman 2 lanes over got into a shouting match with the 2 people in her lane.  The really nice life guard had to stop her class and got talk to her.  The other lifeguard took over the glass while Jennifer patiently listened to the bitch go on and on about Unfair and Not Acceptable and Not Right.  It went on for about 15 minutes. My earbuds blocked out most of it.  When I went into the shower she was still going at it.  Geesh.  Way to harsh the pool mellow, bitch.

I stopped for bunch before the grocery store and now I'm home for good.  Cozy and warm in my living room watching the world blow by.  I need to do laundry - my swim towel needs a refresh and the bin's getting full.  It's time.

I just found out that Brandy Clark who wrote and sung my new favorite album is from a little town about two counties from here!  She also co-wrote my favorite song - Follow Your Arrow.  Ok laundry time.
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