Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My patience has retired, too

I am retired. I do what I want when I want. I have the kind of life that I would envy the hell of out if I weren't me.

And.. yet... today, I found out I what little patience I have has left the building.  First of all my hand.  I said yesterday I think that my hands had been looking so normal that I was sure I was going to do something to fuck that up.  Well... I was trying to get this thing out of a box and I gauged the back of my hand.  Really - I ripped most of the skin off  a two inch by half in swath right across the top. It's going to look like shit for weeks.

Then my windows computer started giving me shit.  Right in the middle of doing a bunch of editing work for my brother.  This computer has just been completely reformatted and redone. It has 8 GB of memory, two harddrives with practically nothing installed on either one.  WTF??

Then I tried to call my brother.  Hangouts give me an echo (I'm pretty sure it's on his end but he's the computer guy and he says no) and then I tried via the phone and it wouldn't work.  Then he called me and I kept getting interference. It was so frustrating.  I hate hate hate hate telephone calls.

So I finally did talk to him and got the info I needed. I rebooted the fucking windows machine (and told my Chromebook, once again, how much I loved it).  I have a bandage on my hand.

Oh and I just finished a bear that I hate.  Really, I don't even not like most of them but this yarn was really just too small and the end result is weird looking.  Some kid will love him but I hate bear failures.

Whine, bitch, moan.  That's me today and it's going to end now. Right now.

On the up side I just read that one of my favorite restaurants - 13 Coins - is coming to the 'hood.  It's going into the hotel they are planning to build between the new apartment building and the train station.  Starting next year.  Finishing in 2016.  I probably won't be around to mange by then but at least if I am, I'll eat good.  Plus they have great bloody marys.
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