Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My swim was great this morning.  I do like the early morning swims.  If the Y pool turns out to be good, I may switch to it for Tuesdays and Thursdays and, of course, Sundays.

Last night I woke up a couple of times and had a tiny bit of trouble getting back to sleep.  Both times I imagined myself swimming and both times I drifted off immediately.  Wild.

My new yarn should be here today. It will be fun to have some new colors to work with.

I think I've decided to hold off on the Nexus 5 purchase unless the reviews tell me it's a must have.  My main complaint about the Nexus 4 is the camera and last night I got my hands on the Nexus 5 camera ADK and installed it and bam! Camera issues fixed.  So... maybe I'm good for a while.

I did go ahead and order the waterproof iPod.  And, Amazon had a special deal on some fancy waterproof earphones with it.  It will be here Tuesday.  From what I've read, I may not even need a fancy iTunes work around.  It sounds like maybe Media Monkey (which I use to rip MP3's) will work fine.  I can always send it back, if not.  I love Amazon.

My brother has a flyer he needs formatted and branded so that's today's big project.  I think I'll get on it - he's two hours ahead so I'm already behind.
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