Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I heard this thing on NPR this morning that (and I'm paraphrasing here) how you feel about an event mainly depends on how you feel about the last bit of it.  If the first 10%, say, was bad but the last 90% was good, then you walk away satisfied.  But if the first 90% was good and the last %10 was bad, it sours the whole experience.  That sure rang true for me!

Sunday swims. The first 30 minutes or more are great.  The last 15 or so are horrible and I leave frustrated with the whole thing.  If I hit an obstacle during the first part of my swim - like an asshole in my lane and then that asshole leaves after about 15 minutes or so and the rest of the swim is fine, I leave feeling accomplished, unstressed and happy about the whole thing.  Interesting.


I went ahead and jointed the Y.  I'm going to try it out first this coming Sunday.  They open at 10 on Sundays which will be fine for me.  There is an afternoon Seahawks game so getting home after will be challenging but I think it will be worth it.  Then, depending on the experience, I may start using it on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Their pool opens at 9:30 and the city pool not til 11.  Nice to have more alternatives.


I usually buy a case of Diet Dr. Pepper at a time.  It lasts a month and used to be fairly cost effective.  We have a Cash and Carry (poor man's non membership Costco - large quantities and mainly a restaurant supply kind of place.  For ages I've gotten my case there.  It used to be $14.00 a case.  The price has been rising but today, on special, it was $18.00.  It's still not outrageous but still $20 with tax so that's $5 a six pack which still seems pricey.


One of my all time favorite Mariners - Dave Valle - is being interviewed (along with a zillion others, I suspect) for manager.  Dave was their catcher in the mid 90's and I always liked him.  Plus, once, at the airport, I literally ran into him and he was very gracious and, turns out, flat out gorgeous in civies.


I just got tweeted a coffee!!! seattlejo tried out the new Stabucks via twitter and sent me a cup of coffee in a tweet.  I love living in the future.


My plan is to buy a Nexus 5 and sell my Nexus 4 to Gazelle.  Turns out my Gazelle quote expires before I can get a Nexus 5 here. The Play store says it won't leave the warehouse before November 8 if I order now.  November 8 is a long time away.  So since my timing is off anyway, I'm going to wait until I can order the Nexus 5 from Amazon.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to keep it but if I don't, I'm much more confident in Amazon's return practices.  Plus, once they get it in - likely before November 8 - I can get it in two days.  I know from past experience that Google uses the Pony Express for delivery or slow boat or sloths.  Leaving warehouse, unlike Amazon, does not equal to Get To You In A Hurry.


I think I'm going to go get a seattlejo coffee!
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