Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Thanks, everyone, for all the bear love.  I do love gathering them for their monthly photo and it's fun to have others join in.


For the first time in forever, neither one of my hands have any blood bruises.  And my right arm is also bruise free.  It's amazing. I look normal.  My left arm isn't quite as lovely but it's winter and long sleeves cover it outside the pool.  In the pool, I just keep it moving so details are fuzzy.  I'm sure it won't last.  Probably, this morning, brushing my teeth, my hand will knock something and bam... ugh... the normal will be over.  But, for now, I'm good.


The other day when I was so frustrated with Sunday swims, I went pool shopping on the web again.  The YMCA's website was broken.  But last night, it was not so I crawled around it.  There is a YMCA with a pool down the road from my normal city pool.  The pool at the Y has a much better lap pool schedule - and there is no sun on the pool.  BUT it's expensive to join and then there's a pricey per month.  (Not pricey, if you use all their services but I only want the pool.)  In my digging around, I found an FAQ that said they have a day pass you can buy!

Not only is the daily lap schedule better, but the holiday schedule is better too. My pool will be closed on Veterans Day (November 11) and the Friday after Thanksgiving (in addition to Thanksgiving itself).  The Y pool is open on November 11 and on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

So last night I sent an email to the membership guy asking him about how much a day pass was and how to buy one.  It would be so great if I could use that as my back up pool!  If the deal is good, I could even use it for Sundays.  Fingers crossed.


I enjoyed the World Series this year more than most.  I was not particularly enamored with Boston winning but the games all seemed to be interesting. It was a nice way to end the baseball year.


I am not a big Halloween fan. I do love the candy corn but the not the rest of it.  This year it has seemed to go on forever. I'll be glad when it's done.  Except for a couple of years in Northern California, I haven't lived in a Trick or Teat place since the early 80's.  I haven't had anyone knock on my door and beg for candy in a couple of decades and don't expect them tonight.  So, beyond online hijinks, I should be able to skate past this year unscathed.


Before my swim today, I need to drop off the bears and stop by the library.
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