Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This morning's swim was just lovely.   I have two suits that I rotate and they are getting a little stretchy.  They look fine.  They just don't feel as nice and snug as they did.  It would be fun to think it's due to a shrinking me, but no... it's a stretchy suit.  I went to the suit website and there are a couple of colors, in my size, on special but I decided  that there is really lots of life yet in these two especially if I continue to rotate and take care of them so I'll save the $.

So now I have the day free from any have-to's.  I think I'll take the bear photo and get them all bundled up and ready to go.  The chair is getting full and it would be far handier to deliver them tomorrow than on Friday.

There's a baseball game tonight and plenty of TiVo to watch. I have a good audio book going and another good one in Kindle.  If I get antsy, I have a short list of groceries that are not yet critical that I can run out and get.

All is good here...  
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