Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Day of different

My trip to the new pool took longer than expected - it's just not a straightforward drive but I did get there.  The swim started off whacky.  This new pool has floor to ceiling windows the length of the pool on one side.  This is great for a lot of people but for me, no.  In spots, the sun was so bright on the water that it really did hurt my eyes.  I kept moving over lane by lane until I was in the fastest lane which was empty except for me.  By the time a speedo came to speed swim, there was room over in the section farthest from the window wall so I was able to finish up with no sun in my eyes at all which was wonderful.

Oh and the pool was about 4 or 5 degrees warmer than is nice.  A lot of people bitch about my regular pool that it is dark and cave like and cold.  I love my cold, cave pool.  The website says it will be back open tomorrow and I'll be there on the edge ready to go in the minute the lifeguard gives the thumbs up at 6:30.


Today I got my FreedomPop phone.  $100 for the phone and $0 for the service.  The phone/service would be frustrating, I think, for a primary phone but, I think, perfect for my needs.  I want a smart phone for backup and just in case.  My ideal backup phone would give me voice, data and text on a network different than my main phone and this fills the bill.  If I run out of battery juice or something happens to my primary phone, I have a ready backup phone which will work just fine in a pinch.  The hardware is 4.03 android, HTC, an EVO hybrid.  I'm pretty impressed with it.


I tried a new (to me) Trader Joe's pizza tonight - roasted peppers and feta cheese.  It was not eatable. Ugh.  So I had cereal for dinner.


I didn't get home from the pool until after 2 so I kind of feel like this day got away from me.  Tomorrow is an early swim so then I'll have the whole day to catch up on me.
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