Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today's swim was good and a little different.  There were about 7 high school girls in the lane next to me who were clearly in some kind of team drill or class.  Probably they were there because the pool is closed for the rest of the day - roof work.  Anyway...  They worked hard and churned up the water and made the nice triathlon training guy have to swim in the slow lane with me so a good 40 minutes of today's swim was a little frenetic.

But then triathlon guy got out and then the teenagers did and I was at my 2,000 yards.  Rather than get out and face the locker room crowds, I stayed in and did extra laps that were very extra nice and peaceful.  There are extreme benefits to being retired and not having to rush off somewhere.


I was thinking about running some errands today but really none of them are critical and I've now lost my desire.  I think it's a stay at home and knit and futz day - at least until that gets boring or something comes up.
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