Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

New Plan

Ok, new plan for Sunday swimming.  I got there today and for the first 30 minutes, I thought, wow... my imagination must just be crabby.  This is fine.  This is good.  Peaceful.  Fun.  And then the divas showed up.  I tried to ignore them and soldiered on for another 15 minutes but when one of them cut me off and another stood in my lane so I couldn't get to the wall and then another swam right into my side of the lane, I just quit.  The life guard immediately got to the one who just muscled me out and was still reading her the riot act when I left.  But, I had had enough.

So... my new plan is a 30 minute swim!  What's wrong with that?  Nothing. I can do 1,000 yards in a half hour.  I'll just do a lovely, pleasant 1,000 yards and call it a day.

There, I feel better already.
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