Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Sunday mornings are becoming an issue for swimming.  I don't like my options.  One pool is not close and not fun due to the people there and the funky lap rules.  One pool is closer but opens later and is full of very loud frenetic small children.  The other pool options are even farther away with worse options as far as opening time. I keep thinking about that private pool in Ballard. It's open 24/7 and adult only. When I think about paying big bucks for a better Sunday swim, my current options seem a little better but not much.

It almost makes me want to skip swimming on Sundays all together but I'm not quite there yet.  Today I'll probably go to the loud kid one but ugh.  At least, while I'm actually in the pool, it usually isn't too bad.


I reorganized my knitting basket yesterday, trying out a new thing.  Sweater yarns in one basket and bear body yarns in another.  At one point, I had yarn stashed all over the house and never really had an idea of what was here or where it was.  I have now gotten that totally under control.  I have one ottoman for new yarn.  One ottoman for leftover bits that are still very usable.  One basket for current bear body building and one basket for sweaters.  And that's all.  That's it.  If I don't have room in those spots for more yarn, I don't buy more yarn.  It's only taken me 8 years to get here but I'm here now.  And yeah!


Besides the swimming trip, there's nothing else on my plate.  There's a soccer game at 6 which means getting the car out after 3 is really not worth the effort unless there's somewhere I really want to go and there isn't so it's Sunday afternoon at home which is fine by me.

Now I think I'll go make myself some breakfast.  One problem with the Sunday swimming is that there's no pool open early so I can swim and then brunch.   Oh well, in March, when I'm officially old and on the dole, I'll have way more pool choices.
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