Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I rarely eat samples at Costco.  Invariably, I'll get something with a bad taste and then I'm stuck with that taste until I can get something else or a water or something. Plus fighting the food vultures is never fun so I just pass.  But... Friday, I happened by this one really sweet lady who had zero customers and a fresh batch and she looked like her heart would break if I didn't try her chicken.  So I did.

And... OMG!  What freezer section is that manna in, please??!!!!

So tonight I home tested it and that sweet lady knew what she was selling.  The box holds 2 bags of chicken and 2 sauce packets.  Each set is really a meal for four except I'm a pig so it will only be three for me.  I put one of the leftover servings in the freezer and one in the fridge - for testing.

The rice in this photo is my rice of choice. It's fabulous - stickly and delicious.  It's kind of expensive (for rice) but ohhhh so worth it.  I've only found it at Uwajimaya so it might not even be available many places but it is just wonderful.  I always keep some in my cupboard.    And perfect with this chicken.

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