Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My yarn stash is getting perilously low.  The place I order yarn from has free shipping specials periodically throughout the year so I hate hate hate to pay for shipping.  I checked my email the other night to see when there was free shipping in past years...  It looked like November was going to be promising.  I calculated that my current stock would probably last that long and if not, I could always buy at Walmart, JoAnn's or Michaels to tide me over if push comes to shove.

I went through anyway and filled up my shopping cart and just didn't click 'buy'.  Today I got the email - free shipping all weekend!  Took me no time at all to place my order!  $16 saved!


Next to the stadium across the street is an exhibition hall.  This time of year they have a 2 night party called Freak Night.  Last year it was a hot mess.  This year they have hired 150 security guards.  The city planned full police presence outside.  The crowds started arriving in mid afternoon yesterday.  Last night I could hear them outside loud and clear.  As I went to sleep, I could hear the screeching as well as the hooves of the mounted police.  Tonight we should have a repeat.  I'm guessing the street and sidewalks are trashed but probably the harm is more to the people attending than our property.  These people likely don't smash windows and knock down street signs like the football fans.

Living downtown is rarely dull.


Swimming will happen at 8:30 this morning.  And then I have a new (to me) brunch place in my sights.
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