Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

ick but ahhhhh

Today led to a Costco run.  I needed bacon but I also scored cupcakes.  I love those cupcakes and sometimes they don't have them. I should have bought more but

And I'd like to say that I think the Costco parking lot has some kind of chemical agent that it blows into cars as they cross over into the Costco parking lot. It turns every person behind the wheel (except me, of course) into a blazingly selfish, thoughtless and stupid idiot.  From now on, when I get there, I'm driving to the second closest to the exit and parking there.  I don't mind the extra exercise and I never want to fight those assholes parked in the lanes waiting for a space ever again.  Today, there were two giant SUV's fighting for my space when I got out of the store.  I sat in the car and played on my phone - a LOOOOOOng time until they both gave up.  It gave me a minute of satisfaction.

But, back to the point...  I saw this large but rather butt ugly humidifier and thought to myself that I really don't want to spend another winter without one.  They are a pain in the ass to refill but sleeping in moist air is so much nicer than drying in the dessert.  They had a couple - the butt ugly one was $80 and the other one was a floor model and only $40.  I didn't get either.  I remembered that I have a much cuter one at home. I thought I'd fire that one up and if there was a problem, then I'd consider a replacement.

So tonight I pulled him out and gross!  2 years of ick in his insides.  Not mold but just brown sediment.  I cleaned him all out thoroughly and loaded him up.  It's MUCH easier now since my new faucet has a pull away spout.  Plus, I decided to try him on the bathroom side of the bedroom so that I don't have to carry his whole body full of water around the bed.  Maybe that will make the whole experience better.  He's in there spouting off even as I type.  My longs and my skin and me already feel better.

After perusing the humidifiers on Amazon, I think I'd buy him (or, I guess, his brother) again if I needed a new one.

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