Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I had an ironing board???

Tomorrow they are coming around to check and blow out our dryer vents.  (And, I'd like to note that while there are a lot of drawbacks to living in a condo, this is not one of them!  It's very wonderful to have this service taken care of.)  They do this in odd years and in even years they check and sweep the chimneys.  This year they are asking us to remove any stuff in front of or beside the dryers.

I have stackers and along the side I have a tall, skinny shelf thing (made for attaching to doors, actually) that I use to house washing goods like soap, etc.  So I pulled that out and behind it was... an ironing board!!!  Who the hell knew that?  Not me!

It was covered in dust.  Two years ago, when they checked my dryer, they found it had giggled lose and was spewing lint everywhere.  So this ironing board (no cover - just the metal) was literally coated with lint.  Behind it, also covered in lint, were two rolls of Christmas wrapping paper.

I crack myself up.

I took both the ironing board and the wrapping paper down to the free shelf.  Lordknows I sure don't need any of it!
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