Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


It seems I'm constantly rearranging my swim stuff.  I need a carry all that has lots of air going through it and is big enough and easy to see and get to stuff.  I take my suit and towel in to the house every day and hang the in the bathtub to dry but the rest - the shower stuff, brush, goggles, water bottle, etc stay in the carry all in the car.  At least that's what I have been doing.  The goal is to keep everything from getting sour (not so hard given Seattle's really not humid climate) and to keep from having to haul everything around so much.  Oh and dry my electronics quickly and keep them dry until the next time.

The carry all I have been using is mesh on the sides but solid on the bottom and water was just collecting there.  I think my electronics will last longer if I can get them completely dry between use.

So. I bought little dryer packets that turn from blue to pink when they are done working, I bought tiny plastic containers at Goodwill yesterday and put the earphones, the ring lap counter and the mp3 players in them with a dryer packet.  Then I stopped at Daiso and got a mesh laundry basket and am going to try using that for a carry all.  It was all cheap so if it doesn't work, I won't have lost much and can try something else.


Amazon feels like it's having trouble with its return practice.  I have returned several mp3 players - all in the $25 range.  About a month ago, they gave me the replacement option (which I selected) and did not even ask for the broken one back.  The next time, no more replacement option and I did not get a refund until a week after the broken one was delivered back.  This last time, I got the refund the day after I clicked return - way before the broken one will get back to them.  Weird.  But, all ok.


Chef Anita does not come again until week after next.  This is the time of the month when all doubts about the expense of having her even once a month are totally wiped out. I am sick of my own cooking. I hate thinking up what to have for dinner.  I hate making sure I have what I need to make it and I hate making it.  Maybe next month I should do a better job of spacing out her meals with ones of my own so I'm not starring down nearly two weeks of meal stress.


Swimming today is at 11 and I need to stop at the grocery.  At least there is one near the pool.

But, that's about it for the day's agenda.  Not that many bear making days left in the month so there will be knitting.
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