Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

day detritus

One of my mp3 players died... again  RIP.  At least it's still within the Amazon return window.  I still have 3 but when they die, I think I'm going to give the waterproof iPod a try.  I've found software that says it can fix it so I can get my mp3's on there without iTunes. I think it's worth a try.    If it doesn't work, I can return it.  I just enjoy swimming with music so much that it is worth the hassle.

I even bought some music today - Brandy Clark's brand new album.  Me, buying music on the day it's released.  Miracles do happen!!

I grabbed my wallet before I got out of the car at the pool and then after I had taken all my clothes off and was suited up and ready, I still had time before the pool itself opened so I went to pay for another month and my wallet was gone!  WTF??  I figured I had somehow dropped it in the car.  I could go get it after swimming.  But then my mild but sometimes saving grace OCD kicked and I put my clothes back on and when out to check.  I found it immediately in the middle of the sidewalk!  Yikes!!  and Whew.

While I was swimming Costco called and wanted me to authorize payment for my inhaler prescription.They always call if my share is over $100.  I had guessed that it was going to be $200 (3 month supply).   When I called them back the nice lady asked if I was ok with the $150 payment - I was so excited, I think I threw her.  I had to backtrack and explain that I expected it to be more.  She got a nice chuckle out of anyone delighted to ONLY pay $150.

I finally looked up the info on the free vet clinic and, sure enough, they do take pet food contributions.  Their website said 'send Mary and email' for how to proceed so I did.  Mary replied promptly and offered to come get my stuff.  So I cleaned out the cupboard and met her down on the street.  She got about $50 worth of cat food and I got an empty cupboard.  Fair exchange, I'd say.  She was even happy to take the cans of pumpkin I had left.  Zoey couldn't care less about wet cat food so I'm sure happy to save the $$ and hassle and I'm delighted to have and empty storage space!!

Now it's nearly 3:30 and this day has just slipped right by me!  
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