Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I have spent two days trying to get into Scott Turow's latest novel and finally decided that life was too short.  Then, delightfully, I discovered that I had yet to read Vince Flynn's last Mitch Rapp.  Flynn died last summer which killed off Mitch and both made me too sad to read it then.  But I'm ready now.

This morning's swim was just the best.  Monday swims are always good but today's was better than most.  It was just effortless.  It was so effortless that while I was swimming I was really wondering just how good swimming is for exercise.  How can anything that feels that nice and is that much fun, be good for you?  And then I remembered that it's been ages since I've been walking around or out doing errands and just felt like I didn't have enough energy to go on.  I used to feel that fairly often.  But I don't now.  Even as my ability to breathe evaporates, my stamina maintains so I guess swimming is really a bona fide exercise. found a bunch of swimming DVD's at the library and put some on hold. I thought it would be interesting to see how the pros do it.

I don't have any big plans on the calendar this week.  I'm only mildly interested in the World Series. I'll keep an eye on the first game and see if I can work up some interest but if not, not biggie.  I'm ready for a baseball break.
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