Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Random stuff mostly about swimming

One of the tune groups that came on while I was swimming was an old album of Marshall Chapman's.  Marshall and I were in the same class at our tiny high school and we both sang in the glee club.  Marshall knew all the words and got every note right every time.  I knew all the words.  Happily for everyone, I dropped out the minute I got into college and so no longer needed extra curricular activities so the senior concert was really a good one.  Marshall has, all these years, continued to sing and, at age 64, recently put out a whole new album.  Amazing.  It was fun to swim to her songs today.

I love having music to swim to.  The only really good thing about wearing swim caps is that they hold my earbuds in beautifully so I can hear perfectly.  But I hate the damn caps.  They make my head hot while I swim and itchy in between wearing. And they ride up during my swim so I'm constantly having to pull on them.  I've tried all kinds and I hate them all.

I switched to a different earbud the other day when the one I was using crapped out.  And the one I switched to is extraordinarily comfortable.  I wondered today if they would stay in without the cap.  So I swam for about 15 minutes cap on and it was driving me nuts so I pulled it off and tucked the earbud wires under my goggles and BAM! They stayed in fine!!!  Perfectly.  Yeah. It felt so good to have the water go through my hair.  So what if I go bald.  BFD compared to the freedom of swimming with no cap on.

And I think the combivent is making a bit of a positive difference in the whole breathing/coughing thing.  Nice.

My investments LOVE the end of the federal government shut down.  Love it.  The line took a massive dip earlier this month and is now nearly totally recovered.  Whew.

I love tangerines but it's still a little early for the cute little seedless ones that just fall out of their skin.  But my small little market (Red Apple) has some big, ugly, full of seeds early tangerines and I got some about a week ago.  Delicious!!  But when I went back for more they only had 4 left.  I at the last of those last night.  I went back today and they had a new shipment!!  Score!
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